Dr Kapil Dev Jamwal

Dr Kapil Dev Jamwal works in the field of HPB endoscopy, portal hypertension, GI bleeding, third space enedoscopy, advanced liver disease management and Innovative endoscopic procedures. He is Co-founder and Director of Centre for Digestive care. He has immense passion for patient management and intends to make Gastroenterology and Liver care affordable to people of India through his chain of centers.

Emergency Cases

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Opening Hours

Monday – Sat    9.00 am – 8:30 pm
Sunday 10.00 am – 12.00 pm


He has credit of starting with his team:

The First Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty programme in North India

Randomised controlled trial of FMT in irritable bowel syndrome

FMT therapy in liver disease in corporate set up